***** CHAPTER *****



                                TWILIGHT                       in  dawn  & evening light

                                SANCTUARY                  Four seasons in the forest    

                                RADIANCE                     Sun-beam & sparkling

                                    INFINITY                         Following the road to somewhere 

                                    ABUNDANCE                 Wave & Stream  &  Falls

                                   AFFECTION                    Love in the life

                                    WORLD  SKETCH          From the world

                                    SENTIMENT                     Day-to-day                                   

                                    STUDIO  WORKS            Pictures taken in my studio   

 This portfolio is produced

by photographer IZUMI SUZUKI

living in Tokyo

Although there is a way of thinking

 to insist on something or to express themselves

in taking a picture ,

my standing position is a little different ・・・・.


I 'd like to give the person who looks my picture 

the healing  to comfort a tired heart.


・・・・ which I want to send to 

I have nine chapters in my portfolio.

​Please click on each picture to link the chapter.